Dr. Renaldi van Rensburg

About Me

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As a Homeopathic practitioner I am qualified to diagnose, and treat or prevent, physical and mental disease, illness or deficiencies in patients. The treatment entails administering, prescribing, dispensing or compounding medicine for such disease, illness or deficiencies in patients.

Feedback from our Patients

Michelle Leipoldt
Michelle Leipoldt
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Dr. Renaldi is absolutely phenomenal in the work that she does. She is so friendly, helpful and really supportive. Her advice and treatment works!
Nina Vanheerden
Nina Vanheerden
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Dr Renaldi helped us when by son was diagnosed with autism and anxiety She listen carefully, I was indeed a skeptic but she handle my son with grace and respect (I have found dr that handled us not kindly) and slowly with homeopathic medicine she showed us how amazing homeopathic medicine is! We love her so much! She is worth it and homeopathic medicine is worth to try to see if it can make an impact on your kiddos life. He has a amazing life now! Thank you Dr Renaldi
Aarye Mehta Goshalia
Aarye Mehta Goshalia
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Really amazing doctor, helped me immensely in every aspect physically, emotionally and mentally and even taught me a lot about health and how to live the best life possible. Definitely recommend you give her a visit.
Cornel Venter
Cornel Venter
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Ek het gegaan vir meer inligting oor my Rheumatoid arthritis. Ek is op behandeling en n inspuiting op my gewrig. Ek het geen pyn meer nie. En volle beweeglikheid trug. Ek voel so goed. Baie dankie dankie dr Renaldi

Medical Consultations

Imprinting Health offers a natural and holistic approach to health. We aim to promote your body’s own healing ability through healthy alternative medicine. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Benefits of Homeopathy

Personalised treatment plan.
Little to no side effects.
No dependence on the medication.
No withdrawal symptoms.
Improves energy.
Restores and supports your body.
Safe for pregnant women, babies and children.


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Monday – Thursday
8:30 – 17:30

9:00 – 13:00

Qualified Homeopathic Doctor

Homeopathy is strictly regulated by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Mental Focus and Energy

There are many natural ways to stay focused and sharp.

Diet and Slimming

For many just changing their dietary habits and adding physical activity won’t improve their increasing weight or BM.


Our digestive system is responsible for the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

Family Health

For any individual, balanced nutrition is important for multiple reasons.


Biopuncture is a new therapy consisting of injecting biological products (herbs and homeopathic products) into specific areas.