It is a curative system of therapy that restores health, by stimulating the body’s own mechanisms of defence and repair

About Me

As a Homeopathic practitioner I am qualified to diagnose, and treat or prevent, physical and mental disease, illness or deficiencies in patients. The treatment entails administering, prescribing, dispensing or compounding medicine for such disease, illness or deficiencies in patients.

As a child I was privileged to be treated homoeopathically and found myself returning to Homeopathy as a practitioner after completing my Masters (MTech Hom) at the University of Johannesburg. Being a practitioner, I have come to understand that Homeopathy is not just a medical system of treatment but an intricate balancing of the patient’s mental, physical and emotional health.

Homeopathy is patient-centred and uses a highly individual approach to each patient. Your individual characteristics, your mental, emotional and physical symptoms as well as your previous health issues, susceptibility to certain conditions and family history are of great importance and are essential in selecting the right remedy.

About Homeopathy

It is a curative system of therapy that restores health, by stimulating the body’s own mechanisms of defence and repair. In Homeopathy, the focus is on the whole person using therapeutic methods that are safe, subtle and sympathetic to the body’s needs.

Origins and Principles

Homeopathy developed from scientific investigations carried out by a German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, in the late eighteenth century. He was so distressed by the toxic side effects of medications used in his time, that he explored ways of restoring the sick individual to good health in a gentle, thorough and effective manner. He experimented on himself and his students, and found that Quinine produced a fever and illness in a healthy person similar to that found in malaria. This is called a Proving. When a diluted dose of Quinine was given to a patient suffering from malaria, it effected a rapid cure. This he called the Law of Similar

The Law of Individualization

Disease affects the entire person – body, mind and spirit. The homeopathic medicine is therefore selected on holistic principles in order to bring about a cure. The homeopath regards each patient as unique and individual. The homeopathic medicine is selected especially based upon those aspects that make the patient and his/her complaints unique – symptoms, life experience, personality, values, beliefs, habits, emotions, etc.